Monday, June 14, 2010


Hey there!!

As my very first OFFICIAL post (the first 2 were links to giveaways! ☺) and since this is my blog, thought I'd write sumthing about moi ☺ here it goes...

I am from Manila, Philippines, married but no kids yet. I created this blog 2008, to keep a journal of my ❤ for bags..or maybe just about anything. But i was so lazy to take pictures of my collections and make headings etc and then post it. And aside from that, i dont know how to do it :D

At first, i was only interested in reading blogs about bags. But just recently, my younger sister showed me videos of xteeener in youtube doing makeup tutorials. I started watching it and several other video tutorials and i got hooked. Some of my favorite blogs are:

I got interested with all the bag post and inspired with the makeup tutorials, and now i am planning to enroll at Makeup Forever for some serious makeup lessons ☺☺

And apart from shopping and girly things, I also like cooking for my hubby and of course travelling.. (who doesn't right?)

I will try my best to post anything I ❤ at the moment...


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