Sunday, June 27, 2010

makeup, makeup, makeup

I cannot contain my excitement and so I wanted to share with you my massive haul! :)

Here in the Philippines, only a few brands are being sold in department stores, drugstores and supermarkets. Although you can find some like E.L.F and covergirl, it will cost you about twice the original price in the website. And so, I decided to order some of them in Ulta, Sally Beauty and E.L.F website, have it delivered to my friend who lives in the US and then have it delivered to me..all in one box!

here they are...
- E.L.F Studio 11 piece brush set
-eyeshadows, lipsticks

Eyeshadows from Rimmel, Covergirl, Revlon & SallyGirl

E.L.F products and items from Sallygirl

I know most of them are drugstore brands, but I love them!

I promised to take care of my hair (because I noticed that my hair is getting dull) so I also ordered some hair products..unfortunately, DHL doesn't accept liquids in the package.. I guess I'll just have to wait til my friend finds someone who will be going to here.

I cannot wait to play with them and experiment..



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