Sunday, July 11, 2010

the Last to Groove

Yey! In The Groove has finally arrived! 

I know you've read hundreds of posts about this, but thought I'd share it anyway...

I maybe  the last one to set hands on these goodies in the blogosphere but Im one of the firsts to get these in my country ☺.  When it arrived yesterday, my friend Raymond from MAC Rockwell texted me right away and told me that he reserved the items that I want. 

So what did I get?

MSF Stereo Rose
MSF Petticoat
Band of Roses Blush
I Like it like that l/s
All Styled Up

I was supposed to get the Happy Together blush, but when I swatched it its too pale for me, so ended up getting band of Roses which i really really love.

I may always be the last one to blog about this, cant do anything with that. MAC Collections are always released late here in our country. But better late than never right? 

Aside from that, hubby and I did a little shopping. Here's what I got:

White top and scarf - Massimo Dutti
Blue Top - Zara
denim shorts - TRF (zara)
green shorts - Mango

and lastly a cute dress, also from Mango

Hubby got only a pair of shorts and the rest was mine...

Spent sooo much yesterday but I'm one happy lady! ☺☺☺


❤ big thanks to Raymond❤


  1. Love the haul. I want the dress xx

  2. Ansa- me too! i love everything I got from this collection..maybe you can get/order the dress from mango online :)


  3. Great picks! I'm so excited you were able to get everything you wanted because of your friend! That's a great friend! :)

    And that Mango dress is gorgeous!

  4. Wendy- Thanks! Im so excited too! I cannot wait try them. Raymond is so great right. :)

  5. Gorgeous dress! Was that in the sale or full price? I want it!!

  6. VexintheCity- Thanks! paid full price for this, but I think now its on can try ordering the dress at mango online. :) and they also have it in white.

  7. I'm loving Band of Roses! So pretty!

  8. @Lillian- i am too! and you dont need to apply much, a little goes a long way..


i LVoe reading your comments! :)

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