Friday, August 27, 2010

beauty is in the eye(shadow) of the beholder ☺

I know, my title is weird :D but I want it to be a little different ☺

Anyways, after applying primer, let's move on to something with more color.. EYESHADOWS! 

These are all from NYX

As you can see, majority are neutrals. 

Sorry if the cases are dirty, one (Kiwi) was broken when it arrived. But thanks to youtube, I got it fixed and it looked new again! :)

My fave color- glitter/frosty
Rock- shimmer
Taupe- sheer/frosty
Aloha- frosty/shimmer

Sahara- frosty
Kiwi- frosty
Deep Charcoal- Metallic

There are so many colors in nyx's website, and I want all of them! :)

Been meaning to get the shadow palette from NYX, do you suggest it? Which palette?


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