Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Make up forever!

Hi girlies!

I've done several post about swatches, but were gonna have a short break again from that. And this time I'll be sharing with you the products I purchased at MUFE last week.

This is probably just another makeup haul. But this is special because this is my first make up haul from Make Up forever.

The products are more expensive than MAC, but I think its worth it.

Been wanting the concealer palette for so long so when the stocks arrived, I immediately grabbed it.


Professional Concealer Palette
Matte Powder
All Mat Primer
Start Powder
Lift Concealer
Sculpting kit

Sponge (1st Pic)- must have for me! great for buffing foundation, primers, concealers etc. Its not like the ordinary sponge that absorbs too much product. And it's so soft.

Another item I planned on getting is the brow corrector in 0, unfortunately it was sold out in all MUFE counters in just an hour.

I've tried these products already as we are using these in our classes. And I think, these items are must-haves! And since I'm a student of MUFE, i get 15% lifetime discount for all cosmetics anywhere in the world! :) Great isn't it?

I have another MAC haul, which will be posted this week or maybe next. So, stay tuned..

Do you have any fave product from MUFE that you would recommend?



  1. I don't have anything from mufe except their hd powder, def want to change that soon :) Great haul! x

  2. @Ariel-wanted to get the HD powder also, but it also sold out. How was it? Is it good?


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