Monday, August 2, 2010

Excited much..

You may notice, I really enjoy shopping. Majority of my posts are about shopping/hauls..I always find a reason to go to the mall and shop (when I'm happy, to celebrate and most especially when I'm depressed or frustrated)

 But, aside from that, I am also an avid online shopper. 

Last June, I made several orders from two online shops such as Ulta and Amazon. I've ordered bits and bobs but mostly are makeups from sephora, nyx and a few nailpolishes. I am soooo excited and I cannot wait for the box to arrive..I was told it will arrive this week. All items were delivered to my aunt who lives in the US (as these online shops do not ship to Philippines), she waited for all the items to arrive, put it in a big box and then she shipped it here through sea freight (hence the long wait). 

Will show you what I got once the box arrives.

Do you do online shopping or do you prefer going to the shops? What do you normally order online?

and before i forget, I wanna say thank you to all my new followers! :) I hope you will have great time reading my ramblings and I would love to hear from you..



  1. i think most girls love shopping. how nice of you aunt:)can't wait to see your hauls. i love online shopping especially for the limited editions/new release items hehe

  2. I like online shopping, but I get so impatient with shipping. My favorite places to online shop are generally gilt group, or ideeli, or ruelala. I love the idea that I am getting a deal. Sadly I live in the desert, so shopping online in the summer means I have to be careful. No lipstick! Boo.

    Hope your order gets to you soon!

  3. @May-thanks for commenting! yup, you're right us girls love shopping! Shopping is therapy for me :) will blog about my haul once it arrives :)

    @Lillian-will look into those sites you mentioned. Where do you live? waiting for the items to arrive can be depressing at times. express can be a solution, But who wants to spend so much on shipping fee right?

  4. I'm sooo bad about using shopping as retail therapy, haha but I've been getting a lot better! Look forward to your post on all your new goodies xxx

  5. Yah, i totally agree. Theres something about shopping which uplifts my mood especially when im down or depressed. i think its the awe feeling you get whenever you got to search and own cute things and those things that you like. sometimes men dont understand at all. too bad.


  6. online shopping is awesome. i've bought clothes, shoes, jewelry and makeup online (forever 21, ebay, max and chloe, elf). i prefer to shop online because i know i'm getting what i want without the hassle of walking through a crowd of people in gigantic stores. but every now and then i do shop at the actual stores and that can be fun too. i have to head over to ulta.

  7. @shineyglam- yup men dont understand that shopping & girls go together. hehe

    @Cheryl- yes sometimes its better to head to the actual store esp if you're buying clothes, trying the clothes on saves you the hassle and time in returning it if it doesnt fit you well. but bottomline is we do love shopping! :)

  8. My fav is window shopping and eating at my fav restaurant when im kind of down and sad lol

    thanks for stopping by my blog :) i'm a new follower.


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