Monday, September 20, 2010

I LVoe Bags: Kate Spade

I've been in love with makeup for some time now. But prior to this, I was first in love with BAGS!  No brand in particular. On my 2nd year of working, I took a splurge and got this Kate Spade bag. I was in love it! Cant remember the model though :D

look at the bag interior...
polka dot lining & zip pocket

I consider it my first designer bag, and holds a special place in my heart cabinet ☺

 My love for bags grew stronger when I came across Bagaholicboy's blog. He posts upcoming collections of renown designers, where to buy them and some insights about specific bags. Having designer bags became my quest and Louis Vuitton specifically catched my attention. Hence, I created this blog in 2008, but I've only been an active blogger last June of this year.

This was my first expensive purchase. Whats yours? I want to know.. ☺



  1. OMG! I absolutely love this purse. I love Kate Spade. This is gorgeous.


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