Wednesday, September 29, 2010

help please

Hello ladies!

In a few days from now, my sissy and I are going to Singapore to visit our brother who is based there. This  trip to Singapore will be my 5th. I've done almost all of the tourist-y things to do there, apart from visiting Universal Studios which just opened this year. I read from Universal Studios' web that they have a Victoria's Secret counter. Yay! I'm not familiar with VS cosmetic line but would like to try them.

Aside from that, Sephora has just opened in Singapore. I know that it is the makeup mecca for beauty junkies. Soap & Glory has also arrived in Sephora.

Apart from UD Naked palette, i dont know what else to get..

And this is where I will be needing your help..Do you have any recommendations on what to get at Sephora, Soap & Glory and Victoria's Secret? I want to make the most out of this trip, meaning get all the makeup, skincare, haircare etc. specially from brands that aren't sold in my country (Philippines)

so, please, please let me know your recommendations. I would really really appreciate it..

big big thanks,

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