Monday, September 27, 2010

I did it again..oops!

Im sure you know what I mean.. Yes! I went shopping, again! But how can i not when MAC releases its Fabulous Felines Collection?

Been waiting for this collection to be released. when the stocks came in Saturday, I woke up a little early, and went to my nearest MAC and got these...


Leopard Luxe Quad
Burmese Beauty Quad
MAC 130 brush
Pincurl e/s
MUFE eyebrow corrector
Pet Me mineralize blush


w/o flash

with flash

Not only did i purchase goodies from MAC, but also from Forever21 and the eyebrow corrector from makeup forever (shown above)

from F21..

dress with lace back
Brian Lichtenberg shirt for F21 & faux pearl necklace
a big shoutout to my friends at MAC-- Raymond & Jarwin for reserving items for me. ☺



  1. MAC offers a wide range of colors too bad I dont use their products cause I get zits. BTW followed you. nice blog

  2. @Nadine-thanks for following :) will follow you back. Thats sad.. I dont get zits from MAC, but Makeup forever's foundation causing me breakouts.

  3. I feel like you and I would be the best of friends, haha... I love reading your hauls! I adoreeee shopping and I'm always doing hauls on my blog :)

  4. @Claire- yeah why not? haha we do have one thing in common-shopping! :) I love hauls too. BTW, i followed you :D

  5. Oooo, I love that pet me blush.
    Hey, which brushes do you suggest I get from MAC as some of my first grown up makeup brushes?

  6. @Lillian- I have a few brushes from MAC and I suggest you get 217, 224, and 239 for eyes. For face i recommend 168 and 138 (great for applying blush). Those are some of my fave brushes. :) I would love to know which brushes you will purchase :)

  7. hi...your posts are nice and informative...wanted to try mac cosmetics...and good thing i read your post that they do reserve long do they allow reservations for limited edition and permanent line? i'm afraid that due to busy schedules i will not be able to get shades that i want from the counter without reserving it ahead...


i LVoe reading your comments! :)

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