Sunday, September 19, 2010

I've been a bad bad girl

I know I said I wont be buying anything until October. But gosh, It's so hard! After my makeup class yesterday, I cant stop myself from checking out some of the shops and ended up getting a few items. I've been a bad girl, i know...

I got:

Boyfriend fit shirt from GAP
Red pumps from Pedro (i think its a Singaporean brand)
MUFE lip liner/concealer

This MAC lipstick was originally purchased by my friend. But when she tried it on again, she did not like how it looked on her lips like when she was in the MAC store. And when I saw it and tried, I instantly liked the color. So, i bought it from her.

MAC describes it as Grapefruit Pink.
MAC See Sheer Lustre
It looks orangey red to me, and blends well with my lip color. Well, it actually looks very natural on my lips. I love love this lipstick! 

I am hoping that this will really be my last purchase for September, but MAC Fabulous Felines will be released this coming September 25th. What to do? Will that be an exception since its a limited collection?



  1. Great purchases. The fab felines alraeyd realeased in my stores, and honestly I wan't impressed. I bought a couple of items, but they were uncessary. Best save your money for the venomous villans collection. :)


i LVoe reading your comments! :)

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