Sunday, September 5, 2010

Last but not the least

Yay! this is it! the last haul post for September... i don't exactly know how much I've spent during the last 2months.. well I don't actually want to know!

Wanna take a look at what I got?

NYx l/s in Tea Rose
Revlon Foundation Custom Creations 030 (Its got 5 shades in 1 bottle)
Monda Stainless Mixing Palette
Wet N Wild e/s Palette in Lust
Wet N Wild e/s Palette in Vanity

I've heard and read several good things about this Dashe brushes, and since its only PhP2,000 for this 17-pc set, I decided to give it a go. I know Sigma has brushes that are comparable to MAC. I dont own any brush from sigma (yet), but I have a few from MAC, and I think this Dashe brushes are a good substitute. Its soft, has a brush roll, and more importantly its affordable! The price you will pay for 1 MAC brush can buy this whole set.

They also have the 30-pc professional brush set, also comes with a brush roll and cost only Php3,400. 

I love the purple handles. Will use this in my Saturday classes at Make up Forever..

I'm not sure how many brushes I own now,  but what I'm sure of is that its many.. :D

  I decided to go on a shopping ban and I will try my best not to shop until my birthday.. ok, so its just a few weeks from now.. but you know hard it is to resist shopping right?

Have you found a good brush with a good price?

Happy Sunday everyone!


  1. Great haul!!WetnWild palette are so lovely!!And the brushes look amazing!Waiting for a review!!!

  2. I've seen some swatches of those Wet N Wild e/s Palettes and they really look gorgeous!

  3. What a haul! You know...I actually put myself on a beauty budget this year. I ear marked a certain amount of money that I set aside to spend on hair, make-up, and clothing. I love it because I can still shop but have found that I am much more particular on what I spend my money on. It is so easy to get carried away and a budget helps keep me reined in. :)

  4. Great haul. Good luck on your shopping ban. I need to put myself on one. xx

  5. I love those Wet n Wild Palettes, especially the colors in the second one! Beautiful.


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