Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Pro Sigma

Three weeks ago, I decided to take a plunge and ordered brushes from Sigma. Sigma has an ongoing promotion of $20 off for every purchase of the Premium Professional Kit. So instead of paying for the original price of $149, I only paid $129. Great deal huh!

Since I've read so many great reviews about Sigma, I decided to buy 3 brushes more. I'm sure that this a great investment. 

Premium Professional Kit
Audrey Kabuki Brush
Small Contour F05
Pencil E30
and the free blending brush

Though I only own a few brushes from MAC, I certainly agree that its really comparable to MAC in terms of quality. And of course the price of Sigma is a big bonus!

My brushes arrived last Thursday. It was brought my by mom's friend from the US. I had my order delivered to her. I saved more or less $10 for not having it delivered here. Thanks Tita Ann!

My initial thoughts on the brushes:

PRICE- for a 15pc brush set and a brush roll, this is definitely a steal. If you will order brushes from MAC, you will only get a max maybe of 5-6 brushes for the cost of this whole set.

QUALITY/LOOK- the brushes look very similar to MAC. The hair/bristles are very soft. And the label on the handle is very helpful.

I have so many brushes now and I am sooo happy!

 Now, I am seriously considering of ordering the travel set. Should I?

Have you tried using brushes from Sigma?


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