Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Brush Collection

A couple of months ago, I started buying makeups. Along with these, I also started collecting brushes.. I own a few brushes before, they are inexpensive ones. They do the job alright. But one thing I learned is no matter how expensive the makeup/cosmetics you are using, it wont look and last as good as it should without the help of a great brush . The brush perfects the outcome. Do you agree with me on this?

In my quest for the perfect brushes, I bought and tried out several brands. I never realized it was already this much..

This was my first set of brushes from Artnet. I got these at SASA on my trip to Hong Kong and paid HKD400.

The eye brushes were not soft, it used to hurt my lids when applying eyeshadow. But the face brushes work fine. But for the price I paid for it, I can say the brushes were OK. It also came with a brush belt that is good for storing the brushes.

This is my second set of brushes from Bobbi Brown. When I decided to enroll at a makeup school, i know that I must have good set of brushes so I took a splurge and got these..

Bobbi Brown brushes are of great quality. The brush hairs are soft and I specifically liked the wooden handles that has label on it. Very helpful for beginners like me. The only downside is the steep price. The few short handle ones I got from their website and the remaining I got at my local BB counter. I spent around P30,000 (approx US$500) and its not even the complete set! I also have the travel size brushes (not pictured :D)

Here are my MAC brushes..

Dashe Brushes
These are locally made. And the price of the whole set is just a price of a MAC face brush. I paid P2,000 (approx US$40) for this 17pc set with a brush roll.

My brush set from E.L.F. I got the 11pc brush set for only $15, it was originally priced at $30 but when I ordered ELF was having a promotion so I saved 50%. The other 3 were bought at my local department store.

And my latest brush set purchase from Sigma. I got them last month, and Im very happy with the performance. I paid $187 for the brush set  with roll and additional 3 more.

 Brushes from Coastal Scents

Assorted brushes from MUFE, Laura Mercier, Shu Uemura & Sheer Cover

Honestly, you dont need all these brushes. A few brushes of great quality will suffice. A great set at a very affordable price is Sigma. I'm loving everything that was included in the set specially the pencil and blending brushes.



  1. wow. This is amazing. Would love to read more individual reviews on these..like the best of each brand. Most all of mine are MAC. xx

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  3. wow! great brush collection! Ive always wanted to try sigma brushes

    Would u rec the individual brushes or buying the whole set?




  4. Polaberry- thanks dear! I'd recommend the whole set or just the travel set, you'll save a lot by getting it rather than individual ones esp when they're having a promo :). I loooove my sigma brushes. Really comparable to MAC. :)


i LVoe reading your comments! :)

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