Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Best Christmas Pressies!

The best part of Christmas is spending Noche Buena (Christmas Eve dinner) with your family and eating tons of food! I think the weight i lost when I was frequenting the gym, I gained back because of the Xmas holiday.

Another best part of christmas for me is opening gifts! I wasnt expecting to receive a lot, but I was surprised when I opened them all. Here they are..

Gifts from friends & sister

Gifts from hubby and my brother..

Yes! I got my ICE watch and an Iphone 4

a closer look =)

 another gift from my sis..

MUFE Aqua eyes:
9L- Or- Gold
10L- Bronze- Copper
21L- Gris Fonce
0L- Noir Mat- Matte Black
8L- Argent- Silver

These are the best christmas presents! ☺



  1. Beautiful things! You got wonderful gifts!

  2. @Beautygirl24- thanks dear

    @Nadine Natalin- definitely the best and it was unexpected :)

  3. So much goodies! I gained some weight too but it's all good. We can't really fully enjoy the holidays without stuffing our face right? lol

  4. Oh you got some NYX lipsticks! I love them! This watch is gorgeous, too =D


i LVoe reading your comments! :)

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