Thursday, December 9, 2010

What's in my Makeup Bag?

I did a post a few months back of what's inside my Bag/Purse. This time I will be showing you the contents of my makeup bag or What's in my makeup bag.

I'm always intrigued by whats in every beauty blogger's makeup bag. What products they are using and which product is a staple in every girl's makeup bag.

Let me show you mine..

Here is my MAC makeup bag/pouch which I bought 2years ago I think. And here's what inside..

I'm quite surprised with how much stuff it holds! :)

the makeup tools..


L-R: Nars Turkish Delight, Revlon Stay Ablaze, Dior Lip Maximizer, Clarins, MAC Pink Nouvueau, MAC See Sheer, NYX Thalia, Korres Plum Lip Butter

Can you guess my most used product? It's the..
Lancome Kohl pencil
Look at that..cant even recognize it anymore :D

And the non-makeup related products i keep in my makeup bag..

I always carry these 2: Afterbite (itch eraser) and the very useful Oxi Clean Spray Away instant stain remover.

Whats in your makeup bag?



  1. Aha, so you carry Pink Nouveau in your make-up bag, interesting... Now I'm seriously thinking of purchasing it, seems everyone loves it!


  2. I have the same makeup bag in my collection, I also have 56 followers and my latest post was about my makeup bag :)

    You have a very nice blog!

  3. Great products. I love how much stuff that MAC bag carries.

  4. you got lots of lippie :) i like your pale pink shade lipstick :|

  5. @Alisa- Thanks for commenting & following. Now you have one additional follower, and thats me! :) I hope you enjoy reading my posts. :)

    @Ansa-I myself was surprised by how much it can hold.



i LVoe reading your comments! :)

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