Wednesday, January 12, 2011

New Year, New Haul!

New year means new haul for me. The goodies were not purchased in Manila, they were purchased by my sister from her one-week trip to Singapore with our dad. They came back Jan 3rd, but I'm only able to do a post about it now because I am really busy with soooo much stuff.

Anyways, here are the goodies..

MAC Patina eyeshadow
UD The Black Palette
MAC 239 brush

And now presenting the best and fave item...

Olympus mju Tough 8010
- waterproof up to 10m or 33ft
-crushproof (100kgf)
- dustproof
-shockproof (2m)
- freezeproof (-10 deg Celsius)

The camera costed me SGD500. It came with a case and extra battery. 

I am getting ready for summer, so a nice camera is a must!

nite nite everyone!



  1. Aha, you got Patina! I recently saw a vid of pixi2woo where she used this eyeshadow for a "first-date" look. So it must be good!


  2. Patina is still on my "to buy" list! So pretty! And the 239 has become one of my favorite brushes. :)

  3. cbsg5861- it was actually pixiwoo's vid that encouraged me to get this. :) Though Ive read many beauty bloggers rave about it.

    Wendy- you should definitely get Patina, the color is really lovely! Been using it to define my crease.

  4. I love UD palettes...NAKED has to be my fav thus far. But I do want to try thr NYC one with the lights....I just think it looks so cute. :-)



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