Sunday, March 27, 2011

New Sunnies ☼

I may have been inactive from blogger for almost two months but that doesnt mean I've become inactive from shopping as well. 

Summer is definitely just around the corner. And I am so excited for it since I was not able to enjoy my summer last year. As part of my excitement, last February I went shopping. And shopping for a pair new sunnies was a crucial part. No summer look would be complete without a great pair right?

I was originally looking for Ray Ban Aviators with gold frame and brown lenses. All the stores/retailers i checked out dont have it. They only have a few selections of Aviators in different colors of frames and lenses. But fear not, I did not leave the store empty handed.

This is what I got..

 Yellow frame and brown lenses.

You might be wondering whats inside the black box? Ray Ban was having a promotion that time, and for every purchase of a pair of sunnies you will get a shirt (one size, and luckily it fits me), a canvass sling bag, and pins (not pictured)

 I think yellow is a great summer color!



  1. Great haul. My mom owns a pair of Ray Ban that I always borrow lol. I gotta buy my own.

  2. Thanks Becky! I think you really should own a pair of aviators/ray ban, i think its something that never goes out of style :)


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