Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Highlight it!

Here are the cream/stick highlighters I own, and a little comparison of the four.

MUFE Uplight #11 Dewy Pink Beige- P1,796
Nars Multiple Copacabana- around P2,000 
E.L.F All over cover stick Golden Peach- $1 or P129 here
MAC Cream Color Base in Shell

L-R: MUFE, Nars, E.L.F
I actually forgot that I owned this MAC CCB in Shell, just found it in my drawer while looking for my blush, hence it was not included in the swatches above. A beautiful color which I sometimes use as an eyeshadow and base.

MUFE and Nars are almost the same except that Nars looks more silver. MUFE feels like mousse when applied to the skin and gives a dewy finish. Nars Multiple is an all around product, can be used on the the face and body. MAC CCB Shell is a soft pink beige with shimmer, shows up in the skin really well. While the ELF one looks more bronze and the darkest among the four.

If you are on a budget and looking for a nice highlighter, ELF is your best bet. You get the same effect for only $1 or P129 here. Plus you can choose from 6 shades i think.

Will have to test all 4 products so I can give a more in depth review soon.

What's your favorite highlighter?


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