Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sunday Shopping Summary #2

Hello Ladies!

Another weekend has passed and I've decided to do another Sunday Shopping with hubby after watching Fast Five.

I should probably be lessening my trips to mall to once a week. Because the more I go out, the more Im spending.

Anyway, here are the things that I bought.

1. A pair of Jeans from Mango- been looking for decent pair of jeans that is affordable. Eversince I started doing kettlebell workouts I lost weight and my jeans dont fit me anymore. This pair was a great buy.
2. Mango coral top- i looove the button detail on the shoulders and the color. Very summery!
3. Mango Leather Belt- love love love the colors, red/coral, beige and dark brown.
Mango leather belt P1,750
4. I cant live without lipbalms, and these are my favorites from Carmex.
lipbalms P99.75 each
5. Bikini Tops & strapless bra from La Senza

Bikini Tops P1,895 for 2 & strapless bra for P2,195 
6. MUFE Uplight- Originally priced at P2,080 but I only paid P1,768 bec of my 15% discount :)
Makeup Forever Uplight #11 Dewy Pink Beige
L- blended; R- unblended
7. Model Co Tan Mousse

Another purchase you probably will not expect from me-- a cookbook by Jamie Oliver. Aside from shopping and makeup, I also love cooking :)
P999.00 from Fully Booked

I've also decided to name my shopping posts as "Sunday Shopping Summary". It doesn't have to be a haul I did on a Sunday, instead it will be a collection or summary of the things I shopped for the whole week (if any) which I will be posting every Sunday. Think its better doing this rather than many haul post in a week? I would love to know what you girls think :)

Have a lovely Sunday girls!


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