Monday, June 27, 2011

back2mac-no more

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The Back to MAC recycling program here in the Philippines is not like the program in other countries (I think) where you can exchange 6 empty containers for a lipstick, lipgloss or eyeshadow of your choice. Here, you can only exchange it for a lipstick where you can choose only from a number of colors. It sucks, I know! But still, being able to get a lipstick for free is not a bad idea. I've done two B2M already.

I've always been eager to use up or depot my MAC products. After depotting 9 of my single eyeshadows, I was so excited I headed down my MAC counter to exchange 6 of the empty eyeshadow pans for a lisptick. Browsing and swatching at all possible colors, I decided to get Vegas Volt. I brought all the empty pans out, and I was surprised when the MUA told me that they dont do B2M anymore. They stopped program since December of last year. :(

Is it only here in the Philippines that they stopped doing the recycle program? But why? What am I going to do with all my empty containers?


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  1. Im in the states and we still have it here , did you inquire with mac themselves as to why the discontinued the program??


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