Friday, July 1, 2011

a little MAC haul+Nivea

A little haul from MAC..

clockwise: Nivea Sun Whitening Face Cream SPF50, Fix+, Blot Powder
You know my little disappointment about the discontinued Back2Mac program? Well, today, Im one happy lady..

Hubby got back from his flight and I was so happy when he told me that he managed to swap my empty pans for a lipstick. I was really happy when agreed to go to a MAC counter in the US. Although he is already used to visiting cosmetic counters with me, i know its kind of awkward for him to visit a counter all by himself. To make it easier for him, I gave him a list of lipstick to show the MUA. Number 1 on my list is Vegas Volt. So glad it was available. Aside from the lipstick, he got me 2 more MAC products.

Soft Ochre Paintpot, Beguille Brow Set & Vegas Volt Lipstick
l-r: Beguille, Soft Ochre & Vegas Volt
I've always wanted to buy soft ochre but its no longer being sold here. Its a great addition to my growing paintpot collection.

A big hug & kiss to my sweet hubby! ❤



  1. I'm so glad you got Vegas Volt, too! Isn't the colour amazing? I like to blend it with Creme d' Nude for a peachy mouth ;)

    I recently got Painterly Paintpot and I'm having second thoughts- maybe Soft Ochre was more suitable for me, as I have Mediterranean skin :/
    Would love to see a review!


  2. Ooooh Vegas Volt! So pretty!

  3. cbsg5861- Really amazing color, but I should try mixing it creme d' nude like what you said. Painterly PP is also nice and I suggest you keep it :) I sometimes use it as my lid color + eyeliner and you're good to go.

    Gaby- Was actually hesitant to get it at first cos its bright but Im so glad I did get it. The color is very pretty!


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