Monday, August 8, 2011

Asos made me poor!

Lately, I've been shopping like crazy! I cant get enough of these online stores. First it was Forever21, now Asos. I should be filing for bankruptcy now.

I'm Poor but happy :)

My order arrived after 11days I think.

the clothes..

Top from River Island & Black dress from Gestuz

makeup & accessories..

I took advantage of the sale. Some i got 50% off.

Oh Asos, look what you've done!

More haul posts coming soon..



  1. Hello there!

    Ordered also from Asos for items worth GBP57. And our local post office wants me to pay P1800 for tax. Unbelievable. How much was your tax for your items posted here? Thanks!

  2. Czarina Maye- I know our local post office do charge a fortune hence I had my order delivered to the US. I was once sent a sample and had to pick it up from the post office and I payed P50 for a sachet of cream I wont be using.


i LVoe reading your comments! :)

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