Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Zit Zapper

Pimple has never really been a problem for me...until now. I only get pimple/s when its that of the month. But the past 3 weeks had been horrible. I've tried at least 3 creams/ointment already and nothing seemed to have worked.

Sudocrem, Quinoderm 10%, La Roche Posay Effaclar A.I.
or maybe I'm just impatient? I only tried each product for a week, and when I didn't see an improvement I moved on to the next one. Should I try using the product longer?

I also had a facial the other day, hoping it would help clear or reduce the size of pimples on my face even just a bit. But no, it made the pimple even bigger which is now an acne? 

I even stopped using tinted moisturizers or foundation on my face with hopes that it will help clear out the pimples and make the acne/pimple creams more effective.

I don't know what else to do or put on my face :((. 

Now, I'm itching to try the Clearasil Ultra Rapid Action Treatment Cream which promises to reduce spot size and redness in just four hours.

Has anyone tried using Clearasil or any of the products mentioned above? Did it work for you? I would really really appreciate if you could share with me your spot treatment products. 

big thanks!

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  1. If the product is really effective, you will see tha change in a week. If still there´s no hint, move on.


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