Wednesday, October 5, 2011

a quick trip to Boots.

A really quick trip to Boots didn't do much damage to my wallet. I got a few things I think I needed, mostly for my lips.

I'm a big fan of Carmex, so when they released the Moisture Plus lipbalms, I was so eager to try but always unlucky to find it in Boots until the other day. I can't decide which shade to get, so I just decided to get all three. I've only tried the peach one, the texture was divine!

Anatomicals -- is a brand I haven't tried yet. Since the price tag is cheaper, thought i should try it as well. The packaging is catchy for me.

Other few bits for the hair like the Tangle Teezer and clips/bands from Scunci & Boots.



  1. Oh yes I've heard about those Anatomicals lipbalms, they look great!

  2. wow, I really wish I had Boots near home! such a shame we haven't it in Italy.

  3. @Peach- Not only in Italy, we dont have Boots in the Philippines as well. Since Im here in the UK for a holiday, im taking advantage of it :)

    @Gaby- the packaging's colorful, and they smell great too! :)


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