Saturday, November 5, 2011

Vacation's over.

Windsor Castle
Buckingham Palace
Leeds Castle
Universal Studios, Singapore
I'm back in Manila now, after my 2months vacay. After UK, I flew back to Singapore with my Aunt, sister and cousin to meet my hubby and spend a week with my brother . It was a very tiring week for all of us. It was all about my little cousin. But it was great bonding with family!

The whole UK experience was something both my sister and I enjoyed greatly. The castles, parks, and shopping was incredible.

But this coming December, I will be flying back to UK to spend 3weeks with my Aunt's family and my brother, unfortunately, hubby can't come because of his work. 

more posts to come..


  1. How nice! I wish I had a holiday somewhere in Europe, my last trip was in Amsterdam 5 years ago and I miss it! Glad you had a great time in UK ;)

  2. It could've been more fun and memorable if hubby was with me. Been to Amsterdam twice, and its also a great place. :)


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