Monday, June 18, 2012

Makeup storage & collection

If you are like me, you like peeking into your girl friend's/bloggers room and look at how she organizes her makeups and also look at her collection.

Today, I'm going to show you my makeup collection and storage. After only a year of being active in blogger, I have accumulated way more than I need, although my collection isn't as extensive as other bloggers' collection.

This is going to be picture heavy, so pardon the lengthy post.

Without further ado, here's the extra bedroom that was converted into a girly room.
My dresser with matching mirror. Excuse the reflection on the mirror. Those are my bags that are laid on the bed. Hopefully when we have our 3rd floor renovated, i will have more space in the closet to store my bags.

On the right side of the desk are makeup brushes, magnified mirror and tissue holder.

The mid part contains my lipglosses, mascaras, jumbo pencils and eyeliners.

 then, on the left side are palettes from UD & Tarte. makeup removers, moisturiser and mists from MAC.

 The small drawer on the left holds my MAC eyeshadow palettes, powders, sponges I use often and kabuki brushes

The mid drawer houses my lipsticks, gel liners, powders, BB creams, concealers, lipliners, makeup finishing sprays and tools like curler and twezeers.

I have a multi-tiered plastic drawer below the desk.
1st row contains eyeshadows palettes from UD, MAC, wet n Wild, Rimmel, and other brands.
 2nd row contains more palettes from UD, benefit, single eyeshadows pans and pigments.
 3rd row contains different brands of blushers, MSFs, highlighters, and liquid foundations.
 4th row contains setting powders, bronzers, and bases (paintpots, face & eyeshadow primers).
on the left shelf, I have more eyeshadow palettes, nailpolishes and false lashes (plastic bag).
 Then, on the right shelf are more makeup brushes from MAC, Sigma, Bobbi Brown and other brands, moisturisers and brush cleaners.

The white cabinet is actually a shoe cabinet but on top of it i put random bits, another multi-tiered plastic drawer and mesh drawer from Ikea.

On top of the shoe cabinet, i placed my Front cover palettes, more makeup brushes from Sigma, Bobbi Brown and Dashe (local brand), perfumes, and random books.

Moving on, the multi-tiered plastic drawer holds more makeup. Another UD NYC palette and eye products.

Next row contains applicators and false lashes.

3rd row is probably the drawer that holds the most number of unopened products. It contains lippies, balms, lipsticks and more eye product back ups.

Then the last row contains more eyeshadows palettes from coastal scents, F21, foundations and other stuff.

The mesh drawer aren't actually for makeups, this is where i put my most used hairstyling tools and some hair styling products. Then on the bottom drawer is where i keep skincare backups, and some random bits.

 I hope I didn't bore you with this post. I know my storage isn't the most organized one but I have a very limited space on this extra bedroom, rearranging furnitures is very hard. But once we have our 3rd bedroom on the 3rd floor renovated, I plan to have a walk in wardrobe where I can find everything in one place.

I would love to see how you store your makeup collection, send me the link below. 



  1. hey,i just found your blog,lovely posts...come check out mine if you like it and follow thru GFC and i will follow back...xoxo

  2. Thanks! I just followed your blog. Hope you could do the same. :)

  3. Thanks for your recent comment hun!!

    You have A LOT of makeup!! Crazy! Loving the storage - sooooo much more organised than mine! xx

    The Beauty Dressing Room

  4. oh my goodness you have so much makeup!!! aahhh its heaven lol. your so organized too. i love those acrylic holders but they are sooo pricey :(

  5. Giddy Princess- thank you for the nice comment. I honestly think mine wasn't organized.

    Donna- Yes, the acrylic holders are great but they are pricey. If only they are cheap, I would've bought more. :)

  6. You have a LOT of make-up. O.O I mean, I know girls with tons of shoes, bags, and clothes but I've never seen anyone with THAT much make-up.

  7. I agree with, I have so much makeup that i can use. Shopping is my weakness, and i tend to shop for makeups, clothes, shoes, and especially bags which is something that I shouldn't be proud of, but its the truth unfortunately :(

  8. WOW! I wanna play with everything!

  9. Thanks for joining me, don't you LOVE Polyvore!? I will be following along with you as well.
    You have a small store girl :)

  10. Thank you, Angie! Looking forward to reading your comments in my blog. Really appreciate it! :)


i LVoe reading your comments! :)

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