Saturday, August 25, 2012

Depotting MAC eyeshadows w/o heat.

I've been meaning to depot my MAC eyeshadows for the longest time, but I find that it's too time consuming and messy. Most Youtube tutorials I've seen require using heat, but I dont like the smell of burnt plastic so it took me awhile to have my eyeshadows depotted.. not until today!

If you would like to see how I depotted my eyeshadows without heating/burning or melting the plastic, please keep on reading!

First, you'll need:

- MAC eyeshadows in the pot
- pair of scissors
- metal cuticle pusher
- cotton pads
- rubbing alcohol (not pictured)
- wire cutter

1. Insert the sharp tip of the cuticle pusher in the front gap between the plastic pan and eyeshadow pot, then wiggle until the plastic pan pops out. Be careful with the cuticle pusher as it is sharp and you dont want to hurt yourself.
 2. Using the wire cutter, cut the front (uneven) portion of the plastic pan. It should look like the photo below.
 just showing depotted pans :)
 3. Dip the flat wide tip of the cuticle pusher in rubbing alcohol (if needed)  and insert in the gap between the metal pan and plastic, wiggle lightly until the metal pan separates from the black plastic. The rubbing alcohol should loosen the glue.
 4. Cut the cotton pad in small squares using a pair of scissors. Dampen with alcohol and place on the bottom of the metal pan directly onto the glue and rub in circular motion until clean.
 Your pan should look like this.
 All my depotted eyeshadows.
 5. Get the eyeshadow pan and carefully remove the sticker on the bottom of the plastic pot. Cut the label and stick on the metal pan.
 It would look like this.
 and TADAAAAA! your depotted MAC eyeshadows :)

I finally used my spare Zpalette to store my MAC eyeshadows.

I looove it! I depotted 13 eyeshadows in less than an hour perfectly, no dents or damages. Depotting was never this easy!

Do you have better/quicker way of depotting MAC eyeshadows? Share on the comments below! :)

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