Tuesday, September 4, 2012

And we're haulin.

Free time means more time browsing the web for information such as ideas ,deals, new products and trends which is a positive. However, its the other way around in my case because free time for me could also leave a hole in my wallet or should I say credit card. I browsed and browsed til my eyes hurt to find the best deals. I wanted it to be quality over quantity. To make the story short, I bought some raved about products and some that I need.

First off, I ordered Zpalettes. After my depotting craze, I ran out of empty palettes that can hold blushes, eyeshadows, etc. I will also be needing these when I've decided to depot my UD palettes. The two large palettes were on sale, $31 for the large red and prob zebra.

Next up, are cosmetics and skincare products. After seeing reviews and raves from A Model Recommends, I was convinced because of her beautiful skin so I've decided to try it as well. I also bought MAC Teddy Eye kohl and my 3rd blush from Tarte in the shade exposed.

These last two are items I don't really need but I've wanted a necklace like this for a long time after seeing a photo a Katie Holmes. This initials necklace is from Etsy.

This is the last item in my haul. Its a black canvass bag from Marc Jacobs, its very light. Thought I'd use this when going to the beach, instead of using my LV Neverfull. and for only $35, i think its a reasonable price. The only downside of this bag for me is that it doesn't have any pockets inside, but thats okay.

And there you have it ladies, my most recent haul.

What do you do on your spare time?



  1. aahh z palettes galore. i need to get my hands on those. they would make my life so much more.. organized.. lol


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