Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Monday haul

Monday was a holiday here...and what to do on days like this?? Of course, going to the mall is my answer. So, hubby and I did. 

We decided to watch "The Other Guys", but we arrived early and while waiting, I browsed at PCX and picked up a few items.

Revlon Photoready in 003 & 005
Revlon Custom Creations Foundation in Medium
Revlon Colorstay MIneral Lipglaze in 545 Stay Ablaze
Maybelline (L); Revlon (R)

So far, I'm loving the lipglaze. Its matte and the saleslady said it lasts for up to 8 hours. We'll see about that..


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Pro Sigma

Three weeks ago, I decided to take a plunge and ordered brushes from Sigma. Sigma has an ongoing promotion of $20 off for every purchase of the Premium Professional Kit. So instead of paying for the original price of $149, I only paid $129. Great deal huh!

Since I've read so many great reviews about Sigma, I decided to buy 3 brushes more. I'm sure that this a great investment. 

Premium Professional Kit
Audrey Kabuki Brush
Small Contour F05
Pencil E30
and the free blending brush

Though I only own a few brushes from MAC, I certainly agree that its really comparable to MAC in terms of quality. And of course the price of Sigma is a big bonus!

My brushes arrived last Thursday. It was brought my by mom's friend from the US. I had my order delivered to her. I saved more or less $10 for not having it delivered here. Thanks Tita Ann!

My initial thoughts on the brushes:

PRICE- for a 15pc brush set and a brush roll, this is definitely a steal. If you will order brushes from MAC, you will only get a max maybe of 5-6 brushes for the cost of this whole set.

QUALITY/LOOK- the brushes look very similar to MAC. The hair/bristles are very soft. And the label on the handle is very helpful.

I have so many brushes now and I am sooo happy!

 Now, I am seriously considering of ordering the travel set. Should I?

Have you tried using brushes from Sigma?


Monday, October 25, 2010

Too Faced, two ends

Packaging of the product is not a main concern, but a good one is a bonus. 

This is what happened to my Too Faced Shadow Insurance.

I usually keep it inside my makeup bag. But one day when I was gonna use it I saw a teaspoonful of almost dried up shadow primer at the bottom of the tube. I didnt know what to do. I knew that if I kept the remaining contents of the tube, it will be dry up soon and I cant use it anymore. So I transferred all the remaining contents of the tube into a small plastic container with screw cap. This way its also easier to get the right amount of product.

I also read in Wendy's blog that it also happened to her UDPP, the one in the new packaging. I always thought that the tube packaging is better than UDPP's old packaging.

Has this happened to you?


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Iconic Birthday pressie

So, I saved the best for last...My favorite among the items I got..

October is my birthday month. And during my trip to Singapore, hubby asked me to get whatever I wanted as his pressie for me. He doesnt like surprises and surprising me. He thinks its best if I get something I really wanted rather than surprising me with sumthing which I may not like and will not use in the end.

So i got these...

YSL Arty Iconic Oval Ring in Turquoise

Iconic Arty Dots Ring in Green

SGD280 each

Though I dont like being surprised, I kinda miss it sometimes.

I super loooove the rings! :)

Do you love/hate surprises?


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

More Spending

My haul is not just about makeup. There are also other stuffs that I bought.

Like this pair of pair of flats from Bershka and denim shorts from River Island

two pairs from Charles & Keith

And this cute tote from Jim Thompson..

Jim Thompson is a Thai Silk company, but aside from textiles and other home stuff, they also sell cute totes, pouches and coin purses. This is my second bag from JT. I got this for SGD110, approximately Php3,300. This bag can hold alot of stuff. The red lining is great, plus the two side pockets. There are soooo many designs to choose from. Aint it pretty?

I was surprised with the number of new shops in Singapore. Aside from the shops mentioned above, they also have New Look, Korres, Sephora, Victoria's Secret and Accessorize to name a few.

Singapore... I will be back! 


Monday, October 18, 2010

Korres+TopShop+Makeup Store

Good morning ladies!

I dont wanna bombard you with photos, so here's batch 2.

Korres goodies
Vanilla Plum Collection with Lip Butter in Plum, Vanilla Plum Body Butter & Vanilla Plum Showergel
Hair & Scalp Scrub

Blushes from Topshop and Makeup Store. Though we have topshop here, cosmetics are not sold. So it was great to see that they do in Singapore. 


I know I am very late on the Topshop blushes, but I still wanna share it with you.

Do you own these blushes? What are your thoughts?


More makeup & accessories

Another batch of cosmetics from MUFE


The highlight shade from the sculpting kit doesnt show much, but it really makes a difference once applied below or above the part you contoured.

And some bits and bobs

Falsies from SASA- SGD4 each
sequined purse from Accessorize- SGD22
set of 3 rings from Diva - SGD15

If you will be in Singapore and looking for bits & bobs, aside from Accessorize also check out Diva. They have a huge selection at reasonable price. I ❤ it there!


Sunday, October 17, 2010

〠 Shopping Time 〠


I think thats the best part, don't you agree?

So I mentioned in my previous post that I did a little retail therapy ☺

I will be posting it in batches (again) so I don't overload this post with photos. Here's the first batch..


Woodwinked e/s
Concrete refill e/s
Satin Taupe/es
Beauty Marked refill e/s 
Venomous Villains Briar Rose beauty powder
Venomous Villains Revenge Is Sweet lipglass
Viva Glam Cyndi lipglass


S&G Scrub of your Life
S&G Flake Away
S&G Arch de Triumph

Yes! Your eyes saw it right! It was the tester :( I was so excited and just grabbed the first S&G product I saw. I mistakenly bought the tester and just found out when I got home. But the good thing is its a body scrub, maybe it wasn't really tested at all unlike the lotions and perfumes. 

Ever experienced the same?

I'm Baaaaaack!

Hello girls!

Yes..Long time to hear! but now I'm back from my 4day holiday in Singapore and I'm also back to blogging. I know it has been a long time since I last blogged.  Last week and this week has been really busy, catching up with deadlines and more work stuff. My dad and brother from Singapore also stayed with us for a few days last week. So it has been family and work. Although it was tiring, I sure did enjoy time with my family. 

Yeah, so Singapore was great! Though it wasn't a planned holiday (I just wanted to use my expiring miles). The trip to the newly opened Universal Studios and Marina Bay Sands was awesome! My sister and I enjoyed every bit of it.

here are some photos..

Marina Bay Sands Hotel, Mall & Casino
inside MBS

And of course, I did a little shopping at Sephora, MAC and other shops. So, stay tuned for my next post to see my haul.

How's everyone doin?

I missed reading your posts and comments..


And we're haulin.

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