Friday, August 3, 2012

Luxury bags.


By now, you probably know my love for signature bags. I lost count of how many bags I own at the moment. I know that for some it's not realistic to spend a ton of money on one piece of bag when you can spend them on many things. Even though it's pricey, some many including myself, find it ok to spend more on something you like/love and that will last for years. 

Again, for me it's alright to spend if you have extra money and spending of course has a limit. 

What things do you splurge on?


  1. I splurge on bags and shoes

  2. Alia- I guess bags and shoes are mostly what girls splurge on. Oh! and makeups! :))

  3. I definitely think that within moderation splurges are perfectly okay! I splurge on my makeup ALL the time, and I do think that purchasing my designer bags were one of my better decisions because they last forever. When you are purchasing the lower quality 50-60 dollar bags every few months it adds up!

  4. Claire- I totally agree with you on the moderation thing. And again, you're right that bags last forever


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