Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Highlight it!

Here are the cream/stick highlighters I own, and a little comparison of the four.

MUFE Uplight #11 Dewy Pink Beige- P1,796
Nars Multiple Copacabana- around P2,000 
E.L.F All over cover stick Golden Peach- $1 or P129 here
MAC Cream Color Base in Shell

L-R: MUFE, Nars, E.L.F
I actually forgot that I owned this MAC CCB in Shell, just found it in my drawer while looking for my blush, hence it was not included in the swatches above. A beautiful color which I sometimes use as an eyeshadow and base.

MUFE and Nars are almost the same except that Nars looks more silver. MUFE feels like mousse when applied to the skin and gives a dewy finish. Nars Multiple is an all around product, can be used on the the face and body. MAC CCB Shell is a soft pink beige with shimmer, shows up in the skin really well. While the ELF one looks more bronze and the darkest among the four.

If you are on a budget and looking for a nice highlighter, ELF is your best bet. You get the same effect for only $1 or P129 here. Plus you can choose from 6 shades i think.

Will have to test all 4 products so I can give a more in depth review soon.

What's your favorite highlighter?


Monday, May 30, 2011

Sunday Shopping Summary #3

Hello girls!

Here's another edition of my Sunday Shopping Summary. But this time, I only got a few items. Could this mean I'm no longer a shopaholic? Well, I hope so. But we will see in the coming weeks.

On to my purchase..

Zara sleeveless top (P995)

Another BB cream from Body Shop P1,100
Ahava Purifying Mud Soap for Oily Skin P695. I also got 2 samples, Mineral foot & hand cream.

and here's me posing with the hat I purchased from GAP (P995)

bought this hat for my upcoming trip to the beach next week.

I also wanted to try Ahava's Sun Anti-Aging Moisturising Spray, but the SA is unsure if it can be used on the face. 

Have you tried the Moiturising spray or any product from Ahava? What's your verdict?


Sunday, May 29, 2011

Monthly Favorites: May 2011

Thought I'd do this Monthly Favorites post a little early, as I am always late in posting mine.


1. MAC Lightful Ultracharge Foundation Spf25 NC25- I use this to set my BB cream. It has spf which is always a plus for me.

2. MAC e/s l-r: Espresso, Ricepaper, Cork, Brule- these are my go-to eyeshadows. 

3. Bobbi Brown Long wear gel eyeliner in Black Ink- I love the consistency of this liner and it stays put during this hot and humid month.

4. Morrocanoil Light- Been using this for sometime now. I love how it makes my hair shiny and soft. Sometimes I just shampoo my hair and apply a pea size amount of morrocanoil and my hair is still soft. The chocolatey smell makes me want to apply more.

5. Maybelline Hyper Curl Volume Express Mascara- i love how it gives volume and keeps my lashes curled the whole day. The slightly bent brush is just perfect for application. I think I like this more than the Revlon Grow luscious mascara.

6. Coastal scents blending brush- I use this for concealer application

A few more pictures below..

What are your favorites for this month? Do we have the same favorites?


Saturday, May 28, 2011

Online haulin'

Remember the post I mentioned about my online madness at Forever 21 and Shopbop?

Hubby arrived from his flight yesterday and I was sooooo happy that he took home all my packages.

From forever21 I got 3 maxis, but will be returning the 2 as they were too long and baggy for me. I will also be returning the 2 plain shirts because they are waaaay too big. So, here's whats left of the order..

Aztec print Maxi $22.80

Strapless Knit dress $22.80

Relaxed Union Jack top $14.90

and here's what I order from Shopbop..

Marc by Marc Jacobs Tote $50- so disappointed with this bag, it looks cheap, the material is cheap, looks like the print wont last and it too big for me.

Last, but definitely not the least and my favorite among this purchase...

Tory Burch Thora Sandals $115

I can see that I will be wearing this sandals a lot paired with my maxi dresses.

Do you like wearing maxis?


Thursday, May 26, 2011

a little bit of. . .

It was supposed to be a grocery shopping day for me. But I also made quick side trip to the department store. This post was supposed to be posted a few weeks ago but I totally forgot about it.

 a few essentials(?) I picked up..

Maybelline Hypercurls Volume mascara & Revlon Grow Luscious mascara, included in my April Faves. Both have become my favorites.

hand sanitizers which you can hang in your handbag

and FX flat iron spray which you can use before curling or straightening your hair. I havent tried it yet, though :D

Have you tried any of the two mascaras? Did you like them?


Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sunday Shopping Summary #2

Hello Ladies!

Another weekend has passed and I've decided to do another Sunday Shopping with hubby after watching Fast Five.

I should probably be lessening my trips to mall to once a week. Because the more I go out, the more Im spending.

Anyway, here are the things that I bought.

1. A pair of Jeans from Mango- been looking for decent pair of jeans that is affordable. Eversince I started doing kettlebell workouts I lost weight and my jeans dont fit me anymore. This pair was a great buy.
2. Mango coral top- i looove the button detail on the shoulders and the color. Very summery!
3. Mango Leather Belt- love love love the colors, red/coral, beige and dark brown.
Mango leather belt P1,750
4. I cant live without lipbalms, and these are my favorites from Carmex.
lipbalms P99.75 each
5. Bikini Tops & strapless bra from La Senza

Bikini Tops P1,895 for 2 & strapless bra for P2,195 
6. MUFE Uplight- Originally priced at P2,080 but I only paid P1,768 bec of my 15% discount :)
Makeup Forever Uplight #11 Dewy Pink Beige
L- blended; R- unblended
7. Model Co Tan Mousse

Another purchase you probably will not expect from me-- a cookbook by Jamie Oliver. Aside from shopping and makeup, I also love cooking :)
P999.00 from Fully Booked

I've also decided to name my shopping posts as "Sunday Shopping Summary". It doesn't have to be a haul I did on a Sunday, instead it will be a collection or summary of the things I shopped for the whole week (if any) which I will be posting every Sunday. Think its better doing this rather than many haul post in a week? I would love to know what you girls think :)

Have a lovely Sunday girls!


Friday, May 20, 2011

Thanks DHL!

Woken up by the sound of the doorbell..Guess who it was, it was the DHL man. He came to deliver my Ipad 2 :)

It has an engraving at the back that says:

GOD is a DJ
Life is a dancefloor.

It was so unexpected, thought it will arrive on the 23rd.

Sooo happy!

Do you have apps for Ipad2 that you can recommend? I dont know what to download :)


Thursday, May 19, 2011

Happy Feet

No, Im not talking about the animated movie. What Im talking about is how happy my feet are because...

I went shoe shopping yesterday and picked up three pairs.

The colorful sandals from Schu was chosen and paid for by hubby. He said, this pair will be perfect for my maxi dresses.

Schu P1,495
and from the creators of boat shoes, Sebago. Bala moccassin slip on, is equal parts cute and casual, and sophisticated and stylish as the website says. 
May actually look boyish but i like it. Perfect for casual days, pair it with shorts and shirt and you're good to go.
Sebago P3,395
and lastly, these bright yellow Espadrilles. Just by looking at the color makes me happy. Perfect for summer!

Have you been shoe shopping recently?


Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Sunday Shopping: Zara, Promod, A|X & Mango Haul

I'm am sorry if im boring you with all these haul posts. I also noticed that the last few few weeks, since I resigned from my work, all I've done was to shop. Im bored most of the time and would always ask hubby to go to the mall with me. Or if not, I woud always be browsing online. Some of my favorite sites to shop are Shopbop, Forever21, Neiman Marcus and Net-a porter. I dont always order, sometimes I just check on their new arrivals and look at how they put a look altogether.

Moving on, here are the clothes I shopped for at Zara, Promod, A|X and Mango last Sunday.

from Mango..
maxi dress from Promod
tops from Zara
and lastly a shirt from A|X

I probably should just be staying at home with no internet connection.

Then, hubby will be happier. :)

And we're haulin.

Free time means more time browsing the web for information such as ideas ,deals, new products and trends which is a positive. However, its t...