Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Staines haul (part2)

I did mention in my post yesterday that while we were in Staines yesterday, we also popped by M&S and  H&M. 

M&S Grey Cardi; H&M cream cardi
all from M&S
and Oh I forgot to mention River Island :D

I had to buy a few cardi coz I didn't bring any. I wasn't prepared for the UK weather.

Weather may not be good, but it surely is a great excuse to shop! 

Tomorrow we'll be goin to London again. But hopefully we'll just be doin some sight seeing :)


Boots & Superdrug Haul

Today we went to Staines with my aunt to get a steam iron. It only took us 15 mins to get what she needed, so after that we went to the shops.

My sister and I both gone crazy with Boots & Superdrug :) . Here's what I picked up

My sis & I will surely go back to Boots & Superdrug. We we're kind of in a rush, so we were not able to check out the rest.

I wish we have both in the Philippines :(

While in Staines, we also went to M&S and H&M, but I'll be showing you what I got in another post.

bye for now...

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Singapore goodies

I've already forgotten about this, and this was just sittin in my drafts folder. So, I thought why not post it now even if it was a few weeks late.

Goodies I bought when I went to Singapore to visit my brother.

All from Sephora except for the black stud bracelet which was from F21 and Theramed toothpaste from Cold Storage :)



Magazine Freebies

Picked up two mags from Waitrose the other day and boy was I surprised to find freebies!

Dove Nourishing Oil Care & Ciate (Wait Until Dark)
Eylure Lashes 115

The price of the freebie included is more than the price of the magazine itself which is less than £4 each. 

In the Philippines, the only freebies you get from magazines are the ones in a sachet/sample pack.

Are you planning to pick these up?


Monday, August 29, 2011

The Royal Landscape- Virginia Water

Time to get fit! 

The other day we went jogging at the Royal Landscape- Virginia Water in Sunningdale.

The scenery was awesome! I never felt tired with my 8km run. Im glad i brought my iphone instead of my ipod, I captured some photos of the park. :)

Happy Sunday!


Tuesday, August 23, 2011

London Shopping

Good morning ladies! I was up early today so I took photos of the things I bought in London last Saturday.

We first stopped by Regent Street and popped in some of the shops. 

1st stop: COS

2nd stop: H&M

3rd stop: Michael Kors

4th stop: Abercrombie & Fitch

We also went to Harrods and picked up 2 MAC brushes (109 & 266) and went to Chanel to get my dream bag, unfortunately the color I want was out of stock :( I know there are several shops in the area, but I decided to get it some other time cos we were too tired from all the walking.

I was really happy with my new Michael Kors watch!

The shops in London is making me craaazy!!!! I cant wait to visit Primark, New Look, Boots & Superdrug :D

Have a lovely day everyone!


The title says it all. I know I am and have been inconsistent with my blogging. I've been really been busy the past weeks. In my older post, I mentioned about my UK Visa application which took most of my time. And a couple of errands that needs to be done before I leave.  

So a couple of days ago I was in Singapore, again. And last Friday, I, together with my sister arrived in the UK. We'll be here for a two-month loooooong holiday. Sounds fun right? But I will surely miss my hubby :(

Below is a photo of my cousin, sister and myself fooling around the garden when we arrived Friday morning.

And here's me at Regent Street last Saturday. 

The first day was spent --- shopping (of course) because I only brought 2 pairs of jeans, 2 pairs of denim shorts, a top, cardi (which I wore on the photo above) and a dozen underwear. What I got, I will be showing you in another post.

bye for now...


Monday, August 15, 2011

more Forever21

Yes! You guessed it right. I went shopping again, from Forever21. Its so hard to resist looking at their website specially when you get email updates from them.

So, I caved in (again) and bought a couple of tops and accessories..

shall we have a look?

loose tops
more denim probably noticed that already :)

I love stacking different coloured bracelets at the moment. Makes me feel its still summer although its been raining non-stop the past couple of weeks.

Have you been shopping lately? Do you like piling on accessories?


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